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Public lightingPublic lightingThe community and its authorities have openly acknowledged the investment efforts of Luz del Sur in public lighting. These have allowed improving significantly the quantity and quality of the area, which benefits the dwellers and favors trade, services and tourism. More than 60 thousand lamps have been installed in major sectors of the city. ...   see more

Latest EventsLatest Events COMMUNITY OUTREACH During 2004, Luz del Sur continued with its support program for the neediest sectors, by means of the development of a number of socially constructive activities, among which the most important were: HEALTH CAMPAIGN As in earlier years, the "Luz de Vida" health campaign was implemented, in which specialized physicians from different field...   see more

Huaca PucllanaHuaca Pucllana In 1997, the lighting of Huaca Pucllana, one of the biggest pre-Columbian temples of the city, meant a significant contribution to recover Lima's cultural past. The Inca temple dates back to 400 AC, has 6 hectares of extension and is located at the residential district of Miraflores. The history of Miraflores began 3,000 years ago when ancient dwellers settled at ...   see more

RecyclingRecycling PAPER RECYCLINGIn 2017 we reached the position 12 of 400 companies in the campaign "Reclíclame, cumple tu papel"  of Kimberly-Clark and Aldeas Infantiles S.O. We collected more than 9 tons of paper, exceeding the result of the previous year by 55%. Thanks to our participation, many children were served with full-food scholarships. In addition, Luz del Sur during its don...   see more

Supporting Education in Peru Supporting Education in Peru Healthy meals are a very important component in the academic performance of students, since they contribute to children´s growth and cognitive development. This is why Luz del Sur has developed the “Healthy Meals Program” aimed at providing good nutrition to underprivileged children by means of the annual distribution of breakfasts and lunches in primary and secondary “...   see more

Support for CultureSupport for CultureBy means of activities aimed at promoting the development of our culture, we offer the community the opportunity to enjoy various cultural events. These are carried out in coordination with the Trustees of Friends of the Ballet, allowing us to provide important cultural presentations to our fellow Peruvians....   see more

Friaje Campaign Friaje Campaign Luz del Sur with their workers made the campaign "Give them warmth and love", so was donated to residents of the colder areas of the district of Villa Maria del Triunfo food, blankets, medicines and warm clothes. Children and the elderly are most affected by these environmental conditions, for which the help was centralized in them. Thanks to the cooperation of the Peruvia...   see more

Our communityOur communityLuz del Sur is aware of the needs of the stakeholders and is committed to supporting the managers of their own progress. Our role is to promote the development of the capacities of the local people and leaders, as well as the sustainable growth of the communities, mainly those that are within our zone of influence directly and indirectly.  We set goals, policies and...   see more

EnvironmentEnvironmentLuz del Sur promotes an environmental culture, through the development of its activities for continuous improvement with the implementation of preventive actions and controls in its operations, in order to reduce environmental impacts. The Movimiento Ecológico Responsable is a campaign that seeks to raise social awareness in our workers about the importance of recycling and e...   see more

Sports and HealthSports and HealthLuz del Sur, in partnership with the Mónica Liyau Association, invests in sports and health through table tennis, with the construction and implementation of Ping Pong concrete tables in schools in Santa Teresa - Cusco. These tables were designed by Mónica Liyau, Olympic representative in Seoul 1988, national, Bolivarian, South American, Latin American and Us Open champion. ...   see more