In 2017 we reached the position 12 of 400 companies in the campaign "Reclíclame, cumple tu papel"  of Kimberly-Clark and Aldeas Infantiles S.O. We collected more than 9 tons of paper, exceeding the result of the previous year by 55%.

Thanks to our participation, many children were served with full-food scholarships. In addition, Luz del Sur during its donation of recycled paper has generated an environmental benefit of 157 trees that were spared and saving both 737 m3 of water and 43,788 kW / h in energy.


Luz del Sur,  together with Ayudando Abrigando, provides support to areas affected by poverty, where there is no access to basic necessities or protection against the arrival of frost and cold waves that threatens the health of the population.
At the same time, we join in the intention to raise awareness about the importance of efficient plastic recycling and preservation of the environment. In this way we will help to convert plastic into blankets, so that they can be donated in several locations across our country.
  From August to December 2017 we collected 353 kg of plastic, which is equivalent to 27 blankets that provide shelter to Peruvians in need. On the other hand, we reduced our ecological footprint.