Sports and Health

Luz del Sur, in partnership with the Mónica Liyau Association, invests in sports and health through table tennis, with the construction and implementation of Ping Pong concrete tables in schools in Santa Teresa - Cusco. These tables were designed by Mónica Liyau, Olympic representative in Seoul 1988, national, Bolivarian, South American, Latin American and Us Open champion. Pan-American medalist, champion in the first division of the professional league of Sweden and Brazil, with sporting laurels in Official and Commander categories. We promote healthy living and the development of physical and cognitive abilities in youth. We encourage habits of discipline, the discovery of potentials, psychic health and positive contribution to the family. Also, we inculcate values and principles of ethics, at the same time to improve the quality of life of the community. The inclusion of table tennis within the school curriculum benefits Peruvian students with sports education. In addition, it contributes to the empowerment and socialization of children and young people with limited economic resources, forming human beings who are driver of their own progress and capable of achieving the transformation of their locality.