Tenant's debt Why can't I take the easy payment terms if my name does not appear in the bill? Why do they need the title deed to change the name? Why do they need so many documents to finance a debt if I just want to pay? What should I do to prevent my tenant from leaving me a debt? Who pays the debt if my tenant left without paying? Why can't I take the easy payment terms if my n...   see more

About Luz del Sur What is Luz del Sur? How is Luz del Sur's concession area made up? ¿How many customers does Luz del Sur provide service to? Who fixes electrical rates? Is there any law that oversees Luz del Sur? Are there supervising bodies? Is there competition among electrical companies? How is Luz del Sur's ownership made up? Is Luz del Sur a publicly traded company? What is...   see more

Street Lighting Why is street lighting charged if the area where I live does not rely on this service? Because street lighting billing corresponds to the city's common areas and not only to the street where your premise is located. Street lighting charges are based on a scale established by the Ministry of Energy and Mines according to the client's consumption. ...   see more

CNR What is a C.N.R.? What is an inverse connection? What is a voltage bridge? What is a disk with rubbing? Why is it forbidden to provide electricity to a neighbor if I am going to assume his/her consumption? What should I do if my neighbor is stealing energy from my supply? How is energy recovery calculated? Why is my payment agreement revoked due to C.N.R.? Why is C.N.R. charge...   see more

Collection - Billing What is the minimum amount of a bill? What is the fixed charge? Why is maintenance and replacement charged? Why is the current month billed if it has not ended yet? Why do payment due dates vary? Why does the check need to be a certified check or a cashier's check? Why can't matured bills be partially paid in the CAR? What should I do to have the amount of the electric...   see more

Distribution of bills Why don't I receive my bills? What should I do if I do not receive my bills? Why don't I receive my bills? First, you will have to check in the billing schedule whether the bill was issued or not. Likewise, check whether the client is subscribed to the automatic payment system on account in the Banco de Crédito or Sudamericano; in this case, these clients' bill...   see more

Interests and delays Why do interests and delays are charged and at what rate? How many days after due date do I have to pay without interests being charged? Should I pay with a bad check, are interests and administrative expenses charged? Why are delays charged if I have made all payments under the payment agreement? Why do interests and delays are charged and at what rate? The company is auth...   see more

Credit facilities What is an Extrajudicial Transaction? What are the requirements to be eligible for Credit facilities (Extrajudicial Transaction)? Can the autovalúo (Property Tax Appraisal) or a Certificate of Lot Possession replace the title deed? Why do I have to pay administrative expenses when I make an Extrajudicial Transaction? Why is there a limit to make Extrajudicial Transactions? Wh...   see more

Power cuts and voltage Why do I have power cuts? Why do I have low voltage? Why does the TV set show distortions when my neighbor uses his/her appliances? Why do I have power cuts? Power cuts may occur due to network maintenance, which is made according to a schedule previously notified to the user. They may also be caused by technical failures in the distribution networks, in which case the emer...   see more

Power cuts and reconnections When is the last payment day to avoid power cuts? What types of power cuts exist and what are their costs? Why isn't the client noticed before cutting the service? Why do you charge consecutive power cuts if electricity was cut off only once? Why can't I request a temporary power cut of my tenant's supply if he owes me rents or if I have taken a legal action against him? Why d...   see more

Reading Why doesn't the person who reads the meter knock on the door? Why does my bill show an average reading? Why doesn't the person who reads the meter knock on the door? The contractor who reads the meter does not manipulate the equipment, he/she only registers the meter level for later billing, and therefore, there is no need to notify the user beforehand. Why does m...   see more

Meters What is an amperimetric clamp? What is a current reducer? Why is my bill so high if my neighbor has the same appliances and pays less? Why does my meter disk spin more than that of my neighbor? Why does my meter disk keep spinning if I have already turned down the master key? Why aren't internal installations checked? What is the difference between grounded fault and is...   see more

New Connections(New Clients) Which are the requirements to install a new supply? Do the inspection and electric tests on the installation carried out by the concession holder have any cost? Which is the size of the small box or cabinet? Which are the payment conditions for a new connection? How long does it take to prepare the quotation and to execute the work? What is the validity of a quotation? How muc...   see more

Rates What kind of rates are there? Who sets the electrical rates? Which rate is more convenient for me? How is the service monthly cost calculated? What is the meter factor? Why do rates increase? If I live in a shantytown, why do I pay as If I lived in a residential area? How much electricity does each appliance consume (in S/. and in kW/h)? What kind of rates are there? MED...   see more

Maximeters(Non-BT5 Clients) What is the difference between a Non-BT5 and a BT5 client?What are the requirements for the installation of a maximeter? How long does the connection of a maximeter take?What is the difference between kW/h and kW, and how much do they cost?Who is considered as a Low and Medium Voltage Client?Why do I have a Low Voltage meter if I have a Medium Voltage rate?How much does t...   see more

Procedures for complaints What are the procedures to follow to make a complaint? When is a complaint declared inadmissible? What is the course of a complaint? If a client does not agree with the resolution issued, what can he/she do? What is OSINERG? What are the procedures to follow to make a complaint? In conformance with resolution 180-98-OS/CD, the client can complain verbally, in writing or by ...   see more

Contributions to reimbursable funds What are the reimbursable contributions? Which modalities are used to return contributions? Which documents are required to return the contributions? What are the reimbursable contributions? Reimbursable contributions are the client's contribution to finance the extension of the installations up to the connection point, or to increase the necessary distribution capacity. Th...   see more