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Concession AreaConcession Area En Luz del Sur covers an area of 3,000 km2, including 30 of the most important districts of Lima, which altogether add up to over 3 million in habitants. This area - stretching along 120 km. of coast- concentrates the most significant commercial, service, tourist activities as well as an important part of the productive companies of the country. All of this, added to the incre...   see more

OwnershipOwnershipSempra Energy International controls 3.89% directly and indirectly 75.94% of Luz del Sur through Ontario Quinta SRL (61.16%), Energy Business International S.R.L. (1.93%) and Peruvian Opportunity Company S.A.C. (12.85%). The remaining 20.17% is distributed among various local and foreign shareholders. Should you need further information, please contact our Finance Vic...   see more

Electrical SectorElectrical SectorLuz del Sur has an important share in the electricity sector of the Peruvian market, which has already shown a notably increasing demand and similar future perspectives.Rates are regulated by law, through an autonomous technical agency – Commission for Energy Rates (GART-Spanish abbreviation).Service quality regulations are also clearly set forth in the Law of Electric C...   see more

Mission, Vision and ValuesMission, Vision and Values Mission We are a solid and profitable energy company, with sound investments and prudent management of costs and risk, which improves the quality of life of our customers and increases the value for shareholders.We have ethical and social responsibility principles, we promote the development and well-being of our employees with the continuous commitment of maintaining safety i...   see more

General viewGeneral view Luz del Sur is a private, electric power distribution company that provides service to more than 960 thousand clients in the southeast area of Lima, capital of Peru. With annual sales over 700 thousand dollars, Luz del Sur is thus one of the most important companies country-wide as well as one of the main electrical distributors of Latin America. We work to...   see more

Important FiguresImportant Figures...   see more

OrganizationOrganizationUpper management C.E.O : Mile Cacic Development and Distribution Manager : José Luis Eráusquin Commercial Vice President :  Luis Miguel Quirós Distribution Manager : Herbert Takayama Chief Financial Officer :  Luis Fernando de las Casas Human Resources Manager :  Amparo González Corporate Relations Manager :  Ha...   see more