Concession Area

En Luz del Sur covers an area of 3,000 km2, including 30 of the most important districts of Lima, which altogether add up to over 3 million in habitants.

This area - stretching along 120 km. of coast- concentrates the most significant commercial, service, tourist activities as well as an important part of the productive companies of the country.

All of this, added to the increasing living standard of the people as well as the great availability of resources, is an excellent source for the development of industry, trade and different kinds of businesses.

Our company serves more than 940 thousand customers.

Lima Cercado (*) Jesús María (*) La Victoria (*)
San Isidro (*) Surquillo Miraflores
San Luis Lince San Borja
Barranco Santiago de Surco Santa Anita
San Juan de Miraflores Chorrillos Villa El Salvador
Ate - Vitarte La Molina El Agustino (*)
Villa María del Triunfo Chaclacayo Lurigancho - Chosica
Santa María del Mar Pucusana San Bartolo
Punta Negra Punta Hermosa Lurín
Pachacamac Cieneguilla 16 distritos de Huarochirí

(*) Partially in that district

Asia Mala San Antonio
Santa Cruz de Flores Chilca Calango
Coayllo Cerro Azul Imperial
Lunahuaná Nuevo Imperial Pacarán
Quilmaná San Luis San Vicente