Mission, Vision and Values


  • Selling, transmitting and distributing electric power.
  • Providing services related to electric power distribution.
  • Being financially efficient, so as to have a permanent and stable company, capable of generating and attracting the necessary resources for the required investments.
  • Meeting the needs of our customers, both in terms of electrical power supply and their service needs. "If there are alternatives, the customers shall choose us"
  • Ongoing search for business opportunities in related areas.


  • Honesty, mutual respect and observance of the highest ethical principles in our relationships with workers, customers, contractors and suppliers.
  • Security and suitability in our performance, by taking care of human life and health and the proper use of the resources available to us.
  • Uprightness, integrity and good manners in our day-to-day work.
  • Perseverance in the development of our activities.
  • Team work to meet the goals of each area and the Company, generating collective interest in the results and in achieving a good working environment.
  • Initiative, creativity and audacity in the search for new challenges and in employing new methods and procedures to find solutions.
  • Environment awareness, though a sustainable power development.


Ethics-Do the right things
  • Act with honesty and integrity.
  • Be transparent and fair.
  • Meets our commitments.
  • Earn the trust of the people.

Respect-Rate People
  • Listen clearly contact, be honest.
  • Supports the diversity of people and respects their viewpoint.
  • Contribute individually to succeed as a team.
  • Make safety a way of life.

Excellent Performance-Provide Outstanding Results 
  • Sets and meets challenging goals, acts with urgency .
  • Recognizes outstanding performance and recognizes the success of others.
  • Continue to learn and improve.
  • Assume your responsibilities.

Vision - Define Future

  • Be critical and strategic in your thinking.
  • Anticipates market needs.
  • Be a proactive person.
  • Implements discipline and manage risks.

Responsible Leader - Create Positive Relationships
  • Get involved, get feedback, collaborate.
  • Support our communities.
  • Being a responsible environmental conservation leader.
  • Be consistent with the actions