Automatic Payment in accountAutomatic Payment in account We do it for you Enter the Automatic Payment System on Account, and pay your electric bill without coming to our offices. Do you have an account in one of these banks? Banco Santander Central Hispano, Crédito, Financiero, Interamericano, Sudamericano, Wiese Sudameris or Continental. Then, you can easily access the automatic payment to pay your electric bills. (Automatic Payme...   see more

Branch OfficesBranch Offices Chosica Av. 28 de Julio 485 Horario de Atención Invierno y Verano Lunes a Viernes 08:15 - 17:00 Sábados (sólo para recepción de pagos) 08:15 - 13:00 Santa Anita Carretera Central km 1,esq. Av. L...   see more

Reading your billReading your bill Details of your bill Since the most important thing for us is that you put your mind at ease, following you will find a practical guide that will teach you how to properly read your bill. (1) Number of power supply It allows us to quickly identify you throughout all our service systems. This number should be at hand at the moment of making a query at FONOL...   see more

About your meterAbout your meter Reading your meter If you want to check your monthly energy consumption, just follow these steps: Write down the date of the last reading by Luz del Sur that appears in your last bill. After a month, check the quantity that appears in your counter, where your energy consumption is registered in kilowatt-hour (kW). Repeat the operation one month later, and subtract the two quan...   see more

Power Cut Notice due to MaintenancePower Cut Notice due to MaintenanceLuz del Sur performs maintenance and renewal works periodically in our facilities in order to provide a better service to our customers.For this reason, we need to cut electric power eventually in some districts, in pre-established dates and schedules.However, we make sure that each user receives, in a timely manner, an inset at home with detailed electric power cut schedules i...   see more

Payment SitesPayment Sites...   see more

Clients over 2,500 KwClients over 2,500 Kw If you are planning to install a big industry or company or you need a power increase, Luz del Sur offers a highly specialized customized service. Our main services offered are: Comprehensive solutions to electrical supply needs (financing, advisory, projects, construction, operation, maintenance, etc.) Dynamic and effective response to provide new supply or capacity extension...   see more

Obtaining a new power supplyObtaining a new power supplyIn case of needing a new connection, increase of power, pass to three phase, rehabilitation or transfer of supply, you can start the process of your request in any of our commercial offices or send an email to The management can be carried out by the owner of the property or by a third person duly authorized by the owner by means of a simple power of ...   see more

Easy Payment TermsEasy Payment TermsDid you know that you could make an Extrajudicial Transaction? We want to help you If you have a debt of 3 or more months, you may take the easy payment terms by asking an Extrajudicial Transaction in any of our branch offices, with different payment alternatives.If your payment is in arrears for two months, you can avoid power cut by paying, at least, the matured debt befor...   see more

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