About your meter

Reading your meter

If you want to check your monthly energy consumption, just follow these steps:

  • Write down the date of the last reading by Luz del Sur that appears in your last bill.
  • After a month, check the quantity that appears in your counter, where your energy consumption is registered in kilowatt-hour (kW).
  • Repeat the operation one month later, and subtract the two quantities that appeared in the counter. The difference between both is your monthly consumption.
  • When your new bill arrives, compare the energy consumption that appears in it with the actual consumption obtained in your checking. Quantities must be similar, with a rough 5% margin of error.

Should you not agree with your consumption, request a meter test to check whether it is working properly or not.

Protecting your meter

All you need to know...
Energy consumption costs account for the time you use electricity and the power of the equipment functioning during that period.
The electricity meter allows registering that consumption.

A meter has a use life of over 30 years under normal conditions; therefore, there is no reason for failure or deterioration.
For your meter to live that long without problems, here are some tips.

  • Check the condition of the following protection devices
    • * Safety seal which allows to detect equipment manipulation.
    • Metallic lid and viewfinder for observation.
    • Lock.
  • If some of these devices are damaged, call immediately to FONOLUZ: 617-5000, to request repairing.

    Remember that you own the meter, you are therefore responsible for its care.

  • Prevent meter theft or manipulation
    • Meter manipulation is subject to legal sanctions.
    • Do not allow strangers to manipulate it.
    • Only personnel from Luz del Sur, duly identified, is authorized.
    • Do not ever uncover your meter, your measurement mechanism may be altered;furthermore, there is a risk of electrical shock.
    • Check periodically if your meter is in its place. It may have been stolen without causing power cuts.