Sempra Energy International controls 3.89% directly and indirectly 75.94% of Luz del Sur through Ontario Quinta SRL (61.16%), Energy Business International S.R.L. (1.93%) and Peruvian Opportunity Company S.A.C. (12.85%). The remaining 20.17% is distributed among various local and foreign shareholders.

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Luz del Sur (formerly Edelsur) was created on January 1, 1994. On August 18th, 1994 Ontario Quinta A.V.V. acquired 60% of the shares of the State-owned company.
The Peruvian government has sold its total share of Luz del Sur to the private sector.

In August 1996, the company split and the current Luz del Sur was created to which the electrical power distribution concession was transferred. During this same year, two subsidiary companies were incorporated: Empresa Eléctrica de Cañete, by acquiring 100% from the Peruvian government and Inmobiliaria Luz del Sur, where Luz del Sur holds 99.99%.

In November 1997, the subsidiary Luz del Sur International A.V.V. was incorporated in Aruba, the West Indies, mainly aiming at channeling Luz del Sur's investments.
(*) On February 2nd, 1999, 3.19% of the shares that were still held by the State were auctioned.

Corporate Purpose

Luz del Sur's corporate purpose is to distribute electrical power. Therefore, it may be engaged in all the acts and enter all the contracts allowed for limited liability companies under Peruvian laws.