About Luz del Sur

What is Luz del Sur?

Luz del Sur is a private company which main objective is the distribution of electric power in the southern and eastern area of Lima, capital of Peru. As an electrical distribution company, it serves 33% of the Peruvian electrical sector.

How is Luz del Sur's concession area made up?

Luz del Sur cover an área of 3,900 km2, including 65 districts of Lima, Huarochirí and Cañete, which altogether add up to over 4.9 million in habitants. This area concentrates the most significant commercial, service, tourist activities as well as an important part of the most productive companies of the country.

How many clients does Luz del Sur provide service to?

Currently, Luz del Sur serves more than 1'130,000 million customers.

Who fixes electrical rates?

The electrical distribution rates are fixed by the cognizant authority, not by the companies. Rates are regulated by law, through an autonomous technical agency – Commission for Energy Rates (GART-Spanish abbreviation).

Is there any law that oversees Luz del Sur?

As of November, 1992, a Law of Electrical Concessions (LCE) is in force as well as its Regulations, which rule the electrical sector activities.

Are there supervising bodies?

The relevant authorities constantly, mainly the Energy Investment Supervising Body (OSINERG), supervise the electrical companies Furthermore, users are protected by the National Institute of Consumer and Intellectual Property Advocacy (INDECOPI) and the Ombudsman's Office, among other institutions.

Is there competition among electrical companies?

While electrical companies are considered natural monopolies, users consuming more than 1000 kW are free to choose the company of their preference to provide them with electrical power.

How is Luz del Sur's ownership made up?

CYPC directly controls 83.7% of Luz del. The remaining 16.4% is distributed among different local and foreign shareholders.

Is Luz del Sur a publicly traded company?

Luz del Sur shares (LUSURC1) are one of the top in the Peruvian Market, and part of the Selective Index of Lima's Stock Exchange.