Safety Tips

In case of accidents Take the victim away from the point of contact with electricity by using a wooden utensil or by cutting current off. Do not touch the injured under no circumstance while he/she is in contact with current. Give him/her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and firmly press the victim's chest with your hands every two seconds. Call the emergency service of the nearest hospital or cli...   see more

Energy Theft Control Help us control energy theft Energy theft affects the whole population and damages electric networks, affecting your house's supply. Your information will be of great help to control this deplorable situation that puts you and your neighbors at risk. Call FONOLUZ at 617-5000 or use the suggestion mailbox in our branch offices. Your grievance will be dealt with...   see more

House installation Power meter This is a precision tool that registers your house's electricity consumption. Only authorized personnel from Luz del Sur can manipulate this equipment. Take care of your meter and do not let strangers catch you off guard. Remember, you are the owner, if somebody steals energy or damages your meter, you must assume the cost of its replacement or repair....   see more

Precautions Do not let your children fly kites near cables or light posts. Do not get too close to an electric connection because an electrical shock may occur. Do not try to fix your electric appliances by yourself. Call an electrician. If you have small children, use outlet protectors. Do not overload the outlets. That means that you should not connect too many plugs in one outlet....   see more

What if...? I turn an appliance and a power cut occurs Potential causeActed them thermomagnetc switches or differencial switches due to overheat, or because an appliance is defective . SolutionChecked and/or disconnected the defective appliance and turned off the switches. The plug or cable overheats when the appliance is plugged Possible causeThe cable could be of os a mini...   see more

Energy theft People who steal energy are exposed to serious accidents and may be economically and legally punished. Why should not theft energy? Because the electric networks and meters clandestinely manipulated become a deadly trap when a weather phenomenon, like rain, flooding, etc. occurs. Because the person who steals energy is risking his/her life and that of his/her family...   see more

About your meter Avoid theft or meter manipulation Do not let strangers manipulate your meter. Only Luz del Sur's personnel duly identified is authorized. Meter manipulation is a crime punished by law. If you uncover your meter, the measurement mechanism may be altered. Moreover, you and your family run the risk of suffering an electric shock. Check periodically that your meter is in i...   see more