Automatic Payment

If you are a client of one of these banks: Crédito, Pichincha, Banbif, Scotiabank, BBVA or Interbank, you can request the automatic payment service (PAC).

What does it consist of?

The bank will automatically pay monthly bills for the supply that you define. It will not be necessary to go to a payment center or to be aware of the due date. Payments will be made monthly in a timely manner.

How do I join the automatic payment service?

Each financial institution manages its own affiliation protocols. However, we can inform you that these procedures are extremely simple and you can even make them through the web portal of each bank. The bank will be responsible for informing Luz del Sur of your request.

After affiliation, will not the receipts arrive? How do I know that the payment will be made automatically?

The receipts will continue to arrive normally. However, they will consign a stamp of Automatic Payment, like the one that we show you:

In this way you will be informed of the amount that the bank will proceed to debit your account. 

The stamp on the receipt assumes that the PAC service has been initiated and the payment will be made on the expiration date of the same.

Are there any restrictions?

On behalf of the bank, the automatic payment will not be made if: 

- You have defined a maximum charge amount, and the receipt exceeds that amount.
- Your account or credit card, does not have sufficient funds to make the payment.  

On behalf of Luz del Sur: 

- The automatic credit service is only possible if the supply registers a maximum of two receipts pending payment (1 month late and before the expiration date of the second month). 

What if you no longer wish to remain affiliated?

You should only ask the bank to terminate the PAC service, through the channels you have defined for that purpose.