Easy Payment Terms

Did you know that you could make an Extrajudicial Transaction?

We want to help you

If you have a debt of 3 or more months, you may take the easy payment terms by asking an Extrajudicial Transaction in any of our branch offices, with different payment alternatives.
If your payment is in arrears for two months, you can avoid power cut by paying, at least, the matured debt before the due date.

What should you do to obtain an extrajudicial transaction?

  • If you are the owner, then the name and address that appears in your identity card must coincide with the name and address in Luz del Sur's System. Next, you must sign the extrajudicial transaction and proceed with the down payment.
  • If you are a representative or person credited by the user, you must be authorized by the owner. If the debt does not exceed half Tax Unit (UIT), natural persons must be authorized by means of a special letter of attorney with legalized signature. If the debt does not exceed 3 UIT, you require a non-registered power which format is provided by a notary public. If the debt exceeds 3 UIT (an UIT is equivalent to S/ 4,050 in the year 2017), a power of attorney supported by notarized document duly registered is required.
  • In case of legal entities, a person must be authorized by a power of attorney supported by the copy of the Board Assembly's minutes by virtue of which the power was granted. This copy should be duly recorded at the Registry of Legal Entities of Lima.
  • For your comfort, amortization or payments on account are automatically charged in the subsequent bills. If your supply has been suspended, a representative from Luz del Sur will reconnect it within 24 hours.
  • It is recommendable to pay promptly. In accordance with the commitments defined in the transaction, not paying a bill that includes an installment will lead to a power cut after the due date. You will have to pay the total debt to be reconnected.

Nota.- If your payment is in arrears for eight months or your electric supply has been cut for more
than 6 months, your connection may be removed, therefore you will have to request a new connection.
In this case, you can also ask for easy payment terms.