Reading your bill

Details of your bill

Since the most important thing for us is that you put your mind at ease, following you will find a practical guide that will teach you how to properly read your bill.

(1) Number of power supply

It allows us to quickly identify you throughout all our service systems.
This number should be at hand at the moment of making a query at FONOLUZ telephone service, our self-information terminals or when making consultations directly at our offices.

(2) Power consumption

Is the amount of electric power used for a given period, which is shown by the previous and current reading date.

(3) Bar chart

It accounts for all your energy consumption in kW/h during the last twelve months and it will allow you to easily see how your consumption has evolved.

(4) Messages

Useful messages for the customers reminding them their cut dates in case of payment delays, new services, greetings on special dates, etc.

(5) Fixed charges

Charges taken into account for service provision, regardless of power consumption. Among these are:

  • Sending someone every month to read the meter and then deliver the bill.
  • Computing system to estimate your account and historic record keeping.
  • Have trained technical and office staff available to ensure a good and permanent service.

(6) Meter maintenance and replacement

It considers the equipment repair in case of natural failures, or meter replacement in case its useful life is over. In both cases, these services are provided free of charge.

(7) Current month consumption

Monthly power consumption is estimated in soles according to the established rates.

(8) Street Lighting

CBills cover part of the cost involved in the lighting of avenues, streets, squares and public places.
Bills include not only lighting of the street where the premise is located, but also of the city's common areas, based on a scale established by the Ministry of Energy and Mines according to the client's consumption.

At the back of the bill

Here you will find the places where you can pay your bill such us banks and commercial chains.  In the same way you can also find of all our branch offices.