StocksStocks Luz del Sur's stocks are traded at the Lima Stock Exchange (LUSURBC1) since April 1996 and are ranked by Pacific Credit Rating S.A.C and Class & Asociados S.A. with the highest rating. Natural persons and legal entities can purchase these stocks. In December 1996, after a successful sale process, 150 thousand national and foreign new stockholders were incorporated and acqu...   see more

Financial StatementsFinancial Statements Statements of Cash Flows Statements of Profit or Loss Statements of Comprehensive Income Statements of Financial Position Statements of Changes in Equity...   see more

Dividend PolicyDividend PolicyLuz del Sur's policy for 2019 contemplates the total or partial payment of freely available profits and / or freely available reserves that the company has registered, as well as those generated during the year and up to 100 % of the same, being able to make one or more payments on account of the profits for the year and a definitive dividend that will be defined with the appro...   see more

OwnershipOwnershipCYPC directly controls 83.7% of Luz del. The remaining 16.4% is distributed among different local and foreign shareholders. Should you need further information, please contact our Finance Vice President Telephone / Fax (51 1) 421 5048 Should you need further information about stocks, please call our Securities Office Telephone (51 1)...   see more