Like every year, the arrival of winter especially affects our Lima brothers who live in vulnerable situation. Within Luz del Sur´s concession zone, there are areas located on hillsides where temperature can drop to 8 ° C, with an air humidity level of 100% (according to SENAHMI). Entire families have to endure a greater intensity of cold. Due to the precarious housing conditions, compatriots in these communities cannot adequately protect themselves from the cold, which causes respiratory illnesses, especially in sensitive populations such as children and the elderly.

In the Winter of 2021 we again had the opportunity to show our solidarity. In alliance with the NGO PROA, thanks to voluntary donations of the workers, we were able to bring help through the delivery of warm and safety packs for COVID-19, which consisted of polar blankets, cloth masks and 410 ml alcohol gel. The blankets, weighing 400g each, were made of RPET Pail sublimated fabric, and the masks, were made of PE fabric, both purchased from KHANA, a social enterprise that empowers women entrepreneurs in the most vulnerable areas of the country through recycling. In the way, we generated economic, social and environmental benefits.

As a result of this activity of the Voluntariado LdS, we benefited the shantytowns of San Antonio de Lurín, UPIS San José de Lurín, Villa Alejandro de Lurín, December 1, Lurín and Committee 100 of Villa María del Triunfo, bringing shelter to more than 655 families living in poverty and extreme poverty.